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Everyday Robots

Sep 26, 2019

Mark is free of jetlag, Jonathan talks about his experience with the iPhone 11 Pro. Google presents an interesting subscription that rivals Apple Arcade but includes apps. What would a netflix app model look like for iOS developers? Jonathan wonders when there will be an Apple membership. 



Sep 19, 2019

Mark relocates to his new home in the Netherlands. iPhone 11 reviews and Apple Arcade go live. And Mark and Jonathan talk about some of their programming habits. 




Sep 11, 2019

As Apple's iPhone event ends Jonathan and Mark talk about what was announced. New Apple Watches, a new iPad, iPhones, and services were all part of the keynote. Was this year really the year of iPhone Pro?



Sep 7, 2019

In the first episode of the show Jonathan and Mark introduce themselves. As well as talking about the hopes and goals of the show. Apple will be having its iPhone Keynote soon so its this weeks main topic.



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Vizard iOS App

Forger 3D sculpting App

Laughing Man ARKit project