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Everyday Robots

Apr 30, 2020

With a slow news week Mark and Jonathan talk about their recent coding experiences. Jonathan gets ready for his soon to be announced new app and public beta. Then the conversation flows into talking about learning iOS development and getting a job in tech. No news cycle this week just two friends talking. 



Apr 23, 2020

Mark and Jonathan are joined by iOS developer Shihab Mehoob. They talk about Shihab’s journey into iOS development leading to numerous apps on the App Store. Aurora color picker an app that lets you easily identify colors and build a color palette. As well as Cosmicast a new podcasting app that blends together modern...

Apr 22, 2020

Initial impressions are in for the iPad Pro’s new Magic Keyboard. Mark and Jonathan talk about its reception and Jonathan tries to resist buying one. Apple has sent out invitations for a new Accessibility webinar which will likely be a similar format to what WWDC will be. Finally Mark and Jonathan talk about life...

Apr 15, 2020

This week Mark and Jonathan talk about Apple’s new contact tracing initiative with Google to help fight COVID-19. A new iPhone has been released and the SE name lives on in an iPhone 6 form factor. Finally Mark talks about his new purchase. 






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Apr 9, 2020

This week Mark and Jonathan are joined by iOS developer, conference speaker, author, and fan of the color purple Gwendolyn Weston. Gwendolyn talks about her journey getting into programming from ambitions to learn Chinese by playing Final Fantasy 3 in Chinese. How she got into conference speaking and advice for giving...