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Everyday Robots

Jun 23, 2020

Mark and Jonathan are joined by Charlie Chapman for a special WWDC episode. Apple has finally announced their ARM transition and new macOS 11 Big Sur. This year the Mac was the star of the show and was a refreshing change of pace. Then they talk about their favorite new changes in iOS 14, iPad OS 14, and more.



Jun 18, 2020

Jonathan shipped his new iOS app Lockne. He shares his idea for the app and what it was like to build it. Then Mark and Jonathan talk about the recent rumblings between Apple and the Hey email service. Finally the two share their anticipations for next weeks WWDC presentation and potential announcements. 




Jun 12, 2020

43: Blueberries are too small


Mark and Jonathan are back from a short break. They voice their opinions on the current protests and show support for the Black Lives Matter movement.  Apple finally announces the schedule for this years WWDC. New rumors of an ARM transition and new iMac are circling the Apple universe....